Useful Links

  • Tesla Battery Day

    Significant announcements made by the Tesla team reducing manufacturing costs. Perhaps halving the cost of their electric vehicles within 3 years. Hint: skip the stockholder meeting and go to the techy stuff.

  • Rooftop PV Trials

    An independent guide to residential solar PV systems. The result of a long-term trial at Tairawhiti - where the sun shines first - by Eastland Energy. Is solar right for you? The questions to ask solar PV suppliers. Variables you need to be aware of to avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Solar Quotes NZ

    For anyone interested in installing solar PV on their rooftop, this is a good place to start. Lots of hints and tips relevant to the NZ scene. As opposed to the Oz scene which has significant differences.

  • Weather - Ohope

    Weathercloud is a large network of weather stations reporting data in real time from all over the world. This link points to a weather station in Ohope.

  • Disruption - Tony Seba

    We are in the midst of an Energy and Transport Disruption. Professor Seba makes predictions of the future based on trends and sound logic.

  • SchoolGen - Ohope

    Ohope School have solar PV on their new building. The statistics are provided by Genesis Energy.

  • RenewEconomy

    Latest News from Australia on current state of renewable energy projects there and the politics swirling around them.


    Sustainable Energy Association of NZ. Independent organisation advocating sustainable energy use in NZ. Representing business and consumers.

  • Transmission Pricing

    The Electricity Authority regulates the electricity industry. It has released its decision on the transmission pricing methodology (TPM) review and published new guidelines. It introduces a "User Pays" system of charging, but not until April 2023.

  • TransPower Real Time

    An overview of the electricity market showing latest pricing, demand and energy flows. Not real time yet!

  • Solar Quotes Australia

    Founder & Head Honcho, Finn Peacock set up this site 2009 to advise Australian consumers on all the good and bad things about solar PV. He has a wicked turn of phrase that eases reading inherently dour information.

  • Global Solar Atlas

    The aim of this Global Solar Atlas is to provide quick and easy access to solar resource and photovoltaic power potential data globally, at a click of a mouse.

  • How an EV works

    This video unveils the hidden technologies behind the Tesla Model S. You will see how electric cars have achieved superior performance by analyzing the technology behind the induction motor, inverter, lithium ion battery power source, and regenerative braking in a logical, step-by-step manner.

  • TransPower in Real Time

    TransPower are already monitoring flows of energy in real-time to manage their grid. Why aren't the Lines Companies doing the same?